May 11, 2010

8 Things to Consider for a Successful Multi-Touchpoint Customer Experience Rene Hermes is responsible for all aspects of marketing of CoreMedia, including strategy, corporate communications, product marketing, channel management, and field marketing. Rene brings more than 15 years international marketing and business development experience to the company. Prior to CoreMedia, Rene held senior global executive management positions at Definiens (German start-up), Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories (USA, California, part of Alcatel-Lucent), and Progress Software (USA, Massachusetts). Consumers use several sources of information before making purchase decisions – they may seek independent opinions, speak to customer service agents, or examine goods physically. And they are accessing information via myriad touchpoints, including mobile devices, social networks or company websites. Companies recognize this, but consumers consistently rate satisfaction levels for cross-channel experiences as poor, so there is a disconnect. It is hard enough to ensure that a website delivers an excellent user experience. When you factor in the vast number of web-enabled mobile devices, companies face a huge challenge in creating a consistent and personalized experience for every user. Social media adds additional touchpoints, and complexity. Organizations that succeed in integrating their communications across all channels can then customize their approach to each specific user, creating the most powerful form of personalization. This ensures that...

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