March 04, 2010

Growing importance of document technologies in HR community For those interested in the HR Community, SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) has pulled together a great report on future trends within the HR community. The Technology section of the report reflects the growing importance of document technologies within the HR community. Information and actions are increasingly portable via mobile applications. The availability of various social media and the increasing complexity of intellectual property are increasing the need to establish and improve technology governance and policies. The use of cloud computing (reliance on online applications for various technology needs) is increasing. Organizations increasingly are adopting viral recruiting and social media for employer brand messaging (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). The economy is having a slowing effect on enterprise projects, which, in turn, affects technology—both now and when things shift back in recovery: transformation projects are decreasing, new projects require longer decision times, cost-cutting initiatives are increasing, organizations are breaking larger projects into a series of smaller ones, globalization efforts are on hold, software and implementation prices are lower. Talent management platforms are undergoing product consolidation, shifting away from siloed applications toward total solution suites that support a holistic view of talent management. There is growth in the area of both candidate...

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